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Passion for personal development, extensive knowledge and years of experience allow us a holistic approach to counseling.


Darko Sambol, M. Sc.


Born in 1971, in Zadar. Expert for development of personal excellence and human resources management through individual and group coaching. Educated in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, group analysis, basis of systemic constellations he is a licensed NLP Coach and NLP Master. He completed training in many areas of Leadership and related fields. He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka with a BA in Psychology, while he acquired his degree of MA in Economics (scientific branch management and managing activities) from the Faculty for Tourism and Hospitality Management in Opatija.

During the last 15 years he was employed with various educational institutions where he has successfully combined the knowledge of psychology, management, and that acquired at the Cotrugli Business School. He is permanently employed as a psychologist-mentor in the city of Rijeka, working at the same time as a freelancer in the field of personal and professional development with clients both in Croatia and abroad.

He especially deals with "Work & Life Balance" topics and optimization of personal resources by using the soft skills method. Through his work, he develops a variety of tools for assistance and support for the individuals and teams in different organizational contexts to find and use the best their resources.

Member of the Croatian Psychological Chamber, the Association of Psychologists of Primorsko-Goranska County, CBA Alumnia, Croatian Association for Coaching and activist of the Red Cross (donated blood 83 times).

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Silvija Zec Sambol, PhD

MD, holistic physician

Born in 1973, in Rijeka. Acquired the degrees of BA, MA and PhD from the Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka - scientific branch internal medicine, clinical nutrition.

Her area of expertise is complementary medicine, which she has begun to study already in student days and her goal is to make a good mixture of Eastern and Western medicine. Trained homeopath of the Homeopathy school in France. Studied and completed the Chinese Tuna massage, reiki and yoga. Completed the training in psychoanalysis and a large number of business skills trainings (sales, presentation and communication trainings). Completed the certified program for trainers at the LPC Academy. Trained NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) Master practitioner. Deals with ozone therapy, natural and entire treatment of an individual. She is also the author of scientific studies on clinical nutrition and participates at the international congresses of physicians.

She approaches the individual as a holistic being by using the dark field microscopy technique, through which she determines the nutritional state of the organism from a drop of live blood. Her areas of expertise are quantum medicine and bio-resonance testing. She has been a fitness coach at the Neo-Rhythm club for many years, where – besides exercising and healthy diet – she teaches all those who are interested about a healthy lifestyle. For ten years, she has worked in the pharmaceutical industry in managerial positions as a training manager, and before that as assistant at the faculty of medicine.

For already a couple of years she has been employed in a private clinical practice where she combines her skills in work with patients and clients who want to live in a healthy and energetic way. The life goal of this holistic physician is to educate people to achieve balance through diet, exercise and positive thoughts and heal not only the body but also the spirit and the soul.

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