Business Coaching


Applied to different fields — support in development, promotion and improvement of operations, changes in career, communication with employees, development of strategic thinking and creation of an efficient team. We provide individual (1: 1) or group coaching (for organizations).

The goal is to develop a more competent, effective and productive individual. The clients are mostly company owners, as well as executives and managers who are preoccupied and do not have time to review the big picture.


Psychodynamics of teamwork (workshops)

Workshop objectives: encouraging cooperation, mutual understanding and tolerance, defining common team values and objectives and to improving mutual communication.

When we think about values, we do not imply economic value and financial benefits but rather organizational values, core values which are traditional and which define us through values we have adopted with our families. We think of "soft skills" — of human resource values as the most precious part of an organization.

After initial workshops — which diagnose the state of an organization, meetings of all participants of the team process can be arranged once a month as a half-day workshop (or otherwise, depending on the agreement), in order to monitor progress, achievements and adjust team goals.


Mini Academy of NLP

You want to transform your present life? You've read about NLP and you want to know how it changed the life of many? You want to know what makes the difference between a successful and unsuccessful communicator, successful and unsuccessful manager, parent, partner?

NLP has been used successfully in leadership, business, education, consulting and other fields where there is interest for the development of individual potential and achieving excellence.

What is NLP?

  • Neuro refers to the knowledge of human brain and the way we experience the world around us
  • Linguistic refers to the knowledge of how our communication affects us and our environment
  • Programming refers to research and understanding the strategies we use to solve the problem and challenges in life - sometimes successfully and sometimes not.
  • Modelling in NLP refers to the miming of effective strategies of successful people. We often believe that successful people possess something that we do not have, and that because of those skills we are not like them. NLP explores the ways and strategies they use, as well as methods that could help us become successful ourselves.

NLP teaches us there are always multiple solutions to a problem, depending on what we want to achieve. We learn how to set specific, attainable and measurable goals that inspire and change our lives. NLP enables you to learn how to live life to the fullest, to set and achieve desired goals and improve relationships with people around you.


What will you learn?

  • what NLP is and how to use the knowledge in everyday life
  • what makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful people
  • how to use your resources for achieving life goals
  • techniques for setting up top personal goals
  • how to improve the communication and cooperation with people and how to influence them
  • acquisition of a certificate upon completion (recognized in the case of continued education)


Two or three working days (8 hours each).


In your organization or as team building at the location you specify.