Life Coaching


Life is full of challenges. It is hard to plan where exactly we are going and where we will arrive. The health of body and mind or parenthood are just a part of life’s most important segments in which Sambol Consulting helps its clients fulfill their potentials.


Parent Coaching

Parent coaching includes work on the improvement of personal parenthood with the help of professional guidance provided by your experienced coach.

Being a parent is one of the biggest challenges we face in life that gives us such a rich reward when we are truly successful at it! Parents need to have a lot of patience and love, but they also need knowledge and skills for raising a child. Despite of the mentioned, we do not learn about this knowledge in school!

The parents are forced to develop their skills through experience, trying out what is useful and what is not. With parent coaching, it does not have to be this way.

Development of parental skills enhances the partnership relation, professional satisfaction and quality of life.


Parent coaching — why?

  • gaining insight into your parenting skills and learning how to improve them
  • defining the importance of parenthood and positioning of parenthood in relation to the occupational and other roles
  • understanding the your behavior and that of your kids
  • coping with challenging situations and dealing with stress the parenthood brings
  • increasing the insight into personal growth as a parent or a prospective parent

Some of the topics we are dealing with

  • The new team; Who am I — my child — who are we?
  • Setting the boundaries in education — why is it important?
  • Child, movement, sport and leisure activities
  • Communication child — parent; learning together.
  • How to achieve the optimal stimulation of emotional-social development of children?
  • School at the front door — how to prepare in the best possible way?

Individual or group approach

Parent coaching is tailored for organizations (seminars, lectures, workshops) or as individual coaching.