Approach and methods


Coaching is a set of specific methods aimed at the development of individuals and teams through the use of their best abilities. Sambol Consulting offers its clients individual and group/organized coaching.


What is Coaching?

Coaching is a process of personal growth during which clients learn how to achieve the desired results in their life, faster and easier than by going through the process themselves.

Coaching manifests through a partnership between the client and the coach, where both parties commit to the achievement of the client’s objectives. This is a professional, confidential relationship between the coach and the client based on sincerity, honesty and integrity. The purpose of the coaching process is to help clients resolve their problems and achieve their goals.

Once you are familiar with your personal coach, he will, based on your partnership raise your awareness of your abilities and potential, and direct you, through conversation, to success. Whether it comes to career, family life, social contact or self-confidence, the coaching philosophy claims to have the answer to all your problems. The basic idea behind coaching is support and assistance in solving life's problems and determining the benefits, something we all need.

The client is often asked to come to 6–10 meetings. Besides the evident business or private success, coaching trainees often improve their communication and social skills and develop their assertiveness and proactivity.


Key concepts

  • support
  • potential
  • clarification
  • monitoring
  • providing feedback
  • planning new modes of behavior

Basic principles of work

  • at the beginning of the cooperation a so-called. "working cooperation" agreement is made, defining methods, goals, dynamics...

  • through communication and various techniques used by the Coach, you are directed toward a set goal with constant understanding of client’s needs and emotions

  • the meetings between the coach and the client are organized as meetings in lasting from 50 min to 90 min (can be arranged as live meetings or via Skype, phone)

  • after each meeting, as well as at the end of the program, it’s recommended to perform an evaluation i.e. client's review of enjoyment and usefulness of coaching meetings

Characteristics of a successful coach

The clients usually highlight the following:

  • self-awareness
  • inspiring others
  • building relationships
  • flexibility
  • good communication
  • looking ahead
  • discipline
  • dealing with professional boundaries
  • diagnosis of problems
  • finding solutions
  • capacity for business

Basic programs / topics

Psychodynamics of the team

Why a game is lost by moving a pawn? The perception of team members - how I see myself, and how do the others really see me, learning styles, vague communication and team constellations – deep invisible bonds that guide us...

10 secrets of successful managers

Why is constructive feedback the "king" of communication, say NO to stress and difficult people around you, the secrets of nutrition, vitality and obtaining life energy, reviewing organism status...

Be the best parent and become / stay a businessman / businesswoman

Parent coaching — everything you always wanted to know about raising a child, but you had no one to tell you that...

NLP techniques for top managerial excellence

Perfect techniques for establishing personal and professional top competence, fine-tuning team relationships the way you’ve always wanted...

Search for happiness in both work and life

The magic power of active listening, how to say NO and be happy, the power of positive emotions, how to be your own therapist...



How we work?


Planning and setting of the goals

Defining an effective training plan with you and consistent monitoring of its implementation. Adjustment of the plan upon your request.


Encouraging knowledge

Connecting and interpretation of information with the goal of creating new opportunities and perspectives, ones you can recognize and accept. Encouraging new knowledge and insights, aimed at pre-set goals of coaching.


Creating specific activities

Enabling conditions and an environment where you will, with support, set new activities and behaviors that enable the effective progress towards the set goals. Creating conditions for your continuous learning, both during the coaching process as well as support in the implementation of new actions and modes of behavior throughout business and / or other life situations.


Encouraging progress and personal responsibility

Keeping the focus on what is important to you. Trusting you and leaving you the responsibility for undertaking and implementing new modes of behavior and activities.